for the Snes, a pretty good fighter game that improved on an already great mk game

User Rating: 8.9 | Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SNES
Basically, its more characters, a few new combos and more fatalites, UMK3 was a pretty decent game for the snes. I liked the new levels that were in the game, and I also liked the 2 new options like the 4 player 2 on 2 combat and the 8 man tournament. I think these were really cool for some multiplayer competiton and the winner of the 8 man could fight characters such as cameleon and they could also watch some fatalities being performed. They had alot of ninjas added in this game, such as smoke, rain, cyrax, etc. You also could see some of the human forms of some of those ninjas. I still personally likes Scorpion as my favorite ninja. Overall, the combos are great, the graphics good for the snes sake, and its just a solid mk game. Defininitly one for the MK fans out there.