Twisted Metal is BACK!!!!

User Rating: 7 | Twisted Metal PS3
Twisted Metal has returned and it looks and feels better then it ever did before. I've played every Twisted Metal game and this new entry fits right in and adds to the fundementals of the game.

There are alot of characters in this game, cool weapons, and destructable huge level's. This time around each vehicle as 2 special weapons instead of one, and there are also a couple new weapons that previous Twisted Metal Fans haven't seen before. The engine feels just like Twisted Metal 2 and you can easily manuever around the streets to fire projectiles accurately.

The single player campaign only shows you the evens of Sweet tooth, Mr. Grimm, and Dollface. There are some level's that require speed, some that require having heavy armor. So the solution to this was to enable your character that your playing as to drive any vehicle during these challenges so for example your not bound to Darkside during a mission that requires you to race around the level. Yes I said racing, they added a couple level's with race requirements in this new Twisted Metal. In my personal opinion I didn't like to race, but it wasn't bad nevertheless.

Twisted Metal vehicles are more badass then they ever were. With the ability to change the skins of the vehicle and then change the paint job, you can now kill your enemies with more style then ever. You can pick your sidearm in this game unlike in previous entries where your stuck with the machine gun. I personally have been using the Rocket Launcher which does a good amount of damage but then has a longer cool down period then the rest of the sidearms.

The online aspect as of this review... is terrible. Hear me out though, it does have the potential to be awesome and this game is still pretty much new so there's bounch to be an update in the future. As of this review though, I haven't been able to connect to a single battle online. Like I said this a problem with a solution so I'm not to worried about it, however Twisted Metal is all about the multiplayer.. and this happens to be my favorite multiplayer game of all time (I used to play TM: Black split screen and online using the Ps2 Modem). If they fix the Technical aspects of online this game will kick some serious ass... !!!!!!!!!

All-in-all .. if you haven't played this game yet just do yourself a favor and go purchase a copy as soon as possible.

Update:: After playing the game for a couple more weeks the online is still broken, The vehicles blend together and they all look and feel the same. The single player campaign was a let down. The controls were horrible. This game was a total let down.