People who argue this game lacks balance obviously haven't figured out the different classes, btw.

User Rating: 9 | Twisted Metal PS3
A great and (given today's gaming portfolio) pretty unique game with some minor flaws. As with any good hardcore game, it takes some time (and skill) for the complex controls and deep, fast gameplay mechanics to *click* - but once you finally *got it* it's hard to keep quibbling over the shortcomings (see below) and deny the fun. The single-player campaign is rather short, but filled with great gameplay ideas (especially the boss battles are extremely well done). Story-wise, it's basically just a thin framework of three Faustian characters depicted in brief cut scenes (which are interspersed between the different battle events). The *stories* themselves are very simplistic (actually, they are more like brief character sketches) - but the way they are presented basically would have made Tarantino proud. Multiplayer is where this game really shines, though. The sheer potential and scope in this field are rather intriguing: There are tons of options and game modes to choose from - although I personally missed a multiplayer version of the single player racing events.