User Rating: 8 | Tribes 2 PC
Tribes 2 contains an interesting, if not easy to understand initially, mix of strategy, first person shooting and some minor RPG elements for those who want to truely get behind thier clan and cheer people on. The game which is online only - there is an offline mode but its more for training purposes - pits you into the battle as a member of a guild intent on taking over a territory which has attracted another tribe who doing the same that you are and hopefully leaving you gunned down and humiliated. To make sure that you win you will need to plan your character and make use of weapon stations, flying and land vehicles as well as different types of armour, guns and mobile turrets. To play successfully you have to play as a team and this is where the fun begins - will you be the main tank heavy armour character or will you let other people do the fighting for you and remain in support? The game has a large variety of maps and landscapes to fight accross, all requiring different tactics and plans to make sure you succeed. With new maps and plugins the value of the game is extended further, making combat fast and furious. The sound is pitched well with some good music on various maps. Generally a very well balanced game, today it looks slightly dated and could put some people off. It is also very possible to be stuck with a side that does not want to play properly. This should not stop you from getting stuck into a gem of a game that deserves a chance to be played.