incredible game, bee playing for years, still loving it, insane depth, huge endless battlefeilds, jetpacks, armors, LOVE

User Rating: 9.2 | Tribes 2 PC
amazing game, let me tell you, ive been playing this game for years and years, it does not get the publicity it deserves and its certainly not a game for everyone, it caters more to the harcore player who is willing to put the time in to master its weapons and armors and packs and vehicles and jetpacks and all the other things that this game is made off also the netcode is perfect, sometimes my internet gets really bad and i can barely surf the internet, but t2 still runs silky smooth, its amazing the gameplay is at first confusing and not fun, but trust me, if you stick to it and learn how everything works you will then realize how amazing this game is, AMAZING, every time i play online i see somting cool new and intiresting happening, becasue the game has so much depth there are hundreds and hunderds of things that can do, and you can think up new ways to do things and really outsmart your enemy the weapons seems pretty well balanced, some people think some weapons are kinda cheap but overall they are quite well designed