Tribes 2 is the best first person shooter ever, and to be a hard core FPS player, you MUST play this!

User Rating: 10 | Tribes 2 PC
If there has ever been ONE game, ONE first person shooter that is better than anything else that has ever existed on the market- it is Tribes 2. Every single feature that you can think of from other series is in there, and even some that are not in any other. Bombs? Satchel Charges and Bombing runs! Snipers? Laser Rifle! Machine guns? Chain gun!

Then, there is stuff that you will NOT find anywhere else: Jet packs, skiing, Spinfusor, Plasma Rifle- and anything else you can think of! This is a revolution in gaming like no other that has ever been seen, you should play this if you want to say your are a hard core FPS fan. Not saying you can't be hard core if you haven't played it- but the odds are stacked against you. The game is hard- so hard that people who are the best at Tribes 2- find other games ridiculously easy.

And, last but not least- its free now! Yeah, you get all of this and more for free. The game is 8 years old, but it is free- and when everything is set to the highest possible, it looks wonderful in comparison to most games of it's time.

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