Oh my crap, This game is amazing

User Rating: 9.5 | TrackMania Nations Forever PC
Okay, this game is about as close as it gets to perfect. AND FOR FREE, you have got to be kidding, its like the best advertisement in the world. For your own personal good, you NEED to download this game. It takes maybe an hour and a half to two hours to download if you have fairly good internet speed. Okay, now to the pros and cons

- Its Free
- Insane frame rate
- 65 tracks to chose from
- Build your own track
- Car customization options
- Online play is also free
- And again, its free

- Frame rate at times will be buggy
- Only one type of car, but with unlimited paint job options
- Making a track can be fairly hard

Yeah, this game is really that good. If they put in a few different cars, and fixed the frame rate this game would no doubt be a perfect 10/10 so there is no reason not to get this game. In fact, while it is fresh on your mind, download it NOW!!!