The perfect sequel for a TMN fan, and a GREAT game overall.

User Rating: 9.5 | TrackMania Nations Forever PC
For those of you who have never played Trackmania Nations. This is a racing game like no other.

This game is not a sim its a fun simple yet very challenging arcade racing game. in which you try to beat the track in the shortest time possible while passing all checkpoints in the right order.

The tracks as you might have notice aren't exactly standard, they are filed with obstacles of many kinds, from very sharp turns to long jumps, multiple loops and much much more. Also new with This Trackmania there is also a dirt track the changes tire grip and can be much fun.

The graphics are't really that great by modern standards however the feel and look of the tracks, sharp textures, accurate shadows and nice lighting effect make the game look very well indeed. At Very High settings it will take quite a bit of power to run it smoothly at high FPS however even low-end PC's can easel y run this game smoothly without completely ruining the expirience.

Also just in case you don't like the pre-painted cars you can always completely customize the paint on you car to look like anything thing you want.

Physics, well as I mentioned before this game isn't a racing sim so don't expect it to be very realistic however some air control and easy enough controls will allow anyone to get the basics and make the game a lot of fun to play.

The in game music fits well with this type of game and even if you don't like it it won't be a problem to run some of your own music. The other sounds are interesting and well done so they fit well within the atmosphere of the game.

Overall this game really is amazing and fun, and since it comes with a track building options like in its predecessors we can expect a very wide variety of custom fun tracks in the near future.

So what are you waiting for Download, Login, race for points, prove your skills.