Insane racing game takes racing to impossible levels of complexity...

User Rating: 10 | TrackMania Nations Forever PC
I got this game free off Steam. The single player version was a hand full at first due to the insane jumps, loops, and driving straight up the sides of walls in completely impossible ways. There is no way anyone could race like this in reality. It is a completely addictive experience in single player, but the REAL FUN begins online.

The Online community for this game is massive. You can race anyone in any group from any country anywhere all over the world. Just yesterday, I raced on servers from Germany, Italy, and France. It's like being the Formula One Driver from hell!!! The track designs that some of these blokes came up with or more insane than the single player version of this game. Either I'm an alien or one heck of a racer, because most of my finishes were in the top 10. I placed 2nd four times, 4th 3 times, 7-8th twice, and got 10th twice. There are track designs so insane that I couldn't even complete a lap due to completely impossible jumps that only a hand full of the drivers could make!!

This game is probably the most unique online racing game I've ever played and the fact that it is a full FREE VERSION makes it even more fun to play. The best part of it is that you don't require a super workstation class PC to run this game. It ran smooth as silk on my Geforce 6150 IGP, the Sapphire Radeon HD 2600PRO, as well as my Palit Radeon HD 3850. Once I figure out when seasons start and how point systems work, I'm going to really dig into this game and make some things happen. Would be fun to form an online Pro Racing league around this game!!