This game is technically a new "breed" of tower defense games.

User Rating: 8.5 | Toy Soldiers X360
When I first saw the launch trailer for this game it got me intrigued and I had no idea what it was. It showed German troops rushing, a sniper tower in FPS view, tanks, planes and a epic battlefield. It came to a huge surprise to me that it was a tower defense game. Yet it honestly doesn't feel like one.


There isn't one its just toy soldiers reenacting old W.W. 1 battles. The battles are all between the Germans and British.


All I can say is that it is very fun and unique. You have a RTS styIe view and cursor. You then have blank emplacement slots all over the field (they look bare and have sandbags around them.) Then you put whatever defense emplacement you want and wait for the enemies to spawn on whatever side they spawn on. Then watch your emplacements at work, kill more enemies get more money, upgrade emplacements, get bigger and better emplacements, make sure the enemy doesn't get to whatever you are protecting, etc etc. Yet there is some unique things about this game that make it feel in a league of its own.

The big thing about this game is you can control every emplacement and some units. I have to say it is very fun to mow down a 50 plus German wave of troops and see your explosive emplacements behind you rain hell upon the battlefield. You can also control tanks and planes. These can quickly turn the side of the battle the tanks can decimate literally almost any ground unit. The planes can be used for a quick bombing run. Yet that's not all. There are 2 different tanks (one light tank one heavy tank) and 2 planes (light bomber, heavy infinite bombs bomber.) You can also take direct control over a sniper tower and snipe some unsuspecting soldiers. Finally a very very VERY cool mechanic in the game is the ability to control explosive shells. When you take direct control over a motor or artillery cannon you can control the shot. So for example you shot too early you control the shell to hover (that's right hover)above the enemies and maybe lean it over to the left a bit more. The action is in real time and very impressive and you can and will rack up some awesome combos with that ability.

The thing is the game rarely feels like a tower defense game granted the more waves the harder they get yet with direct control over some emplacements it becomes very fun you almost forget you are playing a tower defense game. Plus there are some boss battles against some MASSIVE tanks or trains to make the final wave very memorable. Also when you beat the game you unlock another campaign you play as the German army and there is multiplayer support a survival mode and facebook support. So the game is packed to the brim with a lot of content.

Yet that is not to say the game doesn't have faults. The one main fault is there is no checkpoints in-between waves. Now I know the whole concept of tower defense games is you are not suppose to have checkpoints. Yet after surviving 30 long waves only to get killed by a boss with less than 10% health (and the bosses one shot you)and have to replay the whole level again is very frustrating.


For a downloadable game very impressive. It has a destructible environment, enemies can fall apart into springs and cogs very creatively, the explosions and chemical weapons look great. I really can't find much to complain about except the backgrounds. You are suppose to be fighting in a toy story so you can see the background of your "toybox" and see the store. Yet it is very blurry and at times can't tell wtf anything is.


Once again very impressive. It has old W.W.1 era music (but only two) and everything sounds authentic. I can't find much to complain about really.


lengthy, packed to the brim with content, free xbox avatar stuff, multiplayer, great graphics and audio, very unique tower defense game it almost doesn't make you feel like you are playing one, taking direct control over emplacements is really cool, directly controlling explosive shells is amazing,just really fun.


The bosses one shot you, after the boss beats you; you have to replay the whole level again, its 1200 MS points, the plane is hard to control and bomb things, the later levels force you to not build anything before you physically fight the German defenses with one tank or plane..not that easy.


Overall the game is a blast. I had a great time with the game and will probably play it some more. For a downloadable game it has a ton of content and a lot of replay value. Plus the game will take you awhile to beat. Check it out if you like tower defense games and even if you don't still check it out because its uniqueness can appeal to a lot of people.