The things Toy Soldiers does right is more than enough to draw you in closer to this fun and entertaining arcade game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Toy Soldiers X360
Toy Soldiers is an arcade game from Microsoft and Signal Studios. You control an army of toy soldiers in a WWI diorama. Your job is to defend your box (base) and keep as many soldiers alive as possible. You can send out your soldiers as needed and can control any machine guns, mortars, and a group of soldiers that can gas your enemies as they approach. There are others as well, but we will leave those out.

The game play is about strategy. While it is not your typical strategy game, and doesn't require much thought process on what you need to do, it is still necessary to say the least. Basically, you have one objective: stop anything from advancing. Easy, right? You also have what I call little bonus objectives, but they don't influence very much and are not necessary for mission completion. Overall, the game is fun with these basic mechanics.

Don't expect too much graphically. After all it is an arcade game, but a nice looking one nonetheless. As units die, they fall apart into pieces similarly to the way enemies die in the Lego games, only they are literally plastic soldiers in a sense. For an arcade game, these graphics are top notch, and some retail games can actually be jealous.

From what I have seen, there are no bugs or glitches that are of major importance if any at all.

All in all, Toy Soldiers is a nice sidetrack from all those retail game you have played. The only gripe I really have is the price, 1200 MP, which seems high for a basic game. As basic as it may seem, it is a lot of fun, and worth a look at. If you want a game that features guilty pleasure, Toy Soldiers has that written all over it.