Very nostalgic for those of us who played with plastic toysoldiers as a kid. One of the most entertaining RTS games!

User Rating: 9 | Toy Soldiers X360
When I was a kid there were two types of toys I played with, Legos and toy soldiers. Both would cause my parents to complain as they stepped on the toys left on the shag carpet in their bare feet. When I was a kid my imagination brought these toys to life. As an adult my imagination is not so glamorous, so games like this really excite me.

The single player is great, although a bit easy. The gruesome details of war are ignored in this game with the living room of a family home in the back ground. I do hope that more campaigns will be available in the future as DLC, because I can already see myself wanting more once I am done. The multiplayer so far has been good but could be better in the next few weeks as more people get this game. The best part of multiplayer is being able to go on the offensive, something that is lacking in single player. Today was the release and I have put a few hours into this. I will update my review once I have played this game a bit more, but initial impression is good to great!