Coming out exclusively for the Wii system, you fight with valor in SEGA's new title.

User Rating: 9 | Tournament of Legends WII
It's all about using your Wii remote and nunchuk to dodge, block, charge, and use your character's special attacks to win a fight. Which explains what exactly the developers High Voltage Software, was going for this time around. They wanted to create more of a realistic '300' experience to this game, with its swift attacks and plenty of blood and gore. To everyone's delight, it was a major success.

Each battle takes place for a total of three times in two 90-second rounds in order for a fighter to win. So to make fighting easier, there are breaks incorporated that allow each player to recharge their health and armor. The battles are also available only on offline multiplayer or single-player mode. Online multiplayer is not accessible in this game.

Though at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2010, High Voltage Software explained the possibility of Tournament of Legend's arrival to the PS3 and XBOX 360 consoles. But that's still one decision in the works. The graphics are incredibly tangible, the fighting sequences are action-packed, and the mythology-inspired characters are authentic.

Enjoy and happy gaming from Charlie!