Do not even consider renting this game!!!

User Rating: 1 | Tournament of Legends WII
I have played this game for about 30 minutes and i think i have the whole picture.This game is a total mess...If you are searching for pros and cons for this game there are no pros at all except the fact that it has good graphics using the quantum 3 engine.Eventually this game is like a demo.With a humiliating small variety of characters (only 10) and only 3 modes (story,versus and practise) there is no replay value at all.
The controls are by far the worst i have found on a wii game.The maximum is a 4hit combo and movement is plain stupidness,trying to get near your opponent and still not being able to reach him with your weapon.
Weapons are another big chapter.When i started story mode and i was told to choose a weapon i was happy because i thought there would be a variety of weapons for each character. HUGE mistake.You take the weapon from the opponent you win and thats all,meaning that you are not going to see any new weapons for the characters.Of course you can take all the enchantments of your opponents but there is no big difference between them.
Each character has 3 different magic abilities which you can spam in order to win,but this is not necessary once you can win by just button smashing if you are using classic controller, otherwise with a wii mote you are going to lose your hand.
So,if sega decides to lower the price to 5-7$ i think then it would be more appealing to the crowd...