A Pretty Good Fighter that grows on you.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tournament of Legends WII
Tournament of Legends is not your pack in content kinda game. The game costs 30 bucks brand new, so if your looking for content in a fighting game don't bother reading this review then. Tournament of Legends is a game that has the basic stuff you would find in old school fighters we all loved playing back on the PS1 and N64 day's. You have your Story Mode, Vs play, Practice mode and of course your Options. Just back to the basic which is a good thing if your an old school fan of fighters. There are 10 characters to pick from, 8 to start off and 2 unlockable characters. Not alot of characters but remember keep that Old School fighter moment in the back of your head. You can play the game using your Wiimote and Nunchuck or classic. I recommend Classic for this, it makes it easier to play and understand how the game plays out. Before i get into the gameplay of it, i wanna tell you off the bat that the Graphics are not that bad at all period. I play all my Wii games on my 52 inch HD wide screen TV and they look sexy as **** Now this is prob cause of my TV settings i have set up at the moment. Anyways there not bad. The gameplay overall at first sight will confuse you but you learn fast a **** just like any old school fighters. The gameplay reminds me of a way better version of War Gods. If you don't know what game i speak of, google magic my friend :P. So at the beginning of each match, you will be given the chance to pick a weapon if you have any unlocked but you will start off with your Default weapon, you also have the ability to choose a magic Enchantment. These enchantments work in different ways. One will do extra damage, one will do Poison damage, so on and so forth. After you choose your weapon and Enchantment the battle begins. Now you move by using the Dpad or the left analog stick, please note i have not played it yet with Wiimote and Nunchuck, so this is how the controls are for me with Classic. So yeah you move with Left analog stick or with the Dpad however you like. Y,X and A buttons are you main attack buttons, your B button is your Special move button and here is how that works, all your do is hold down the B button and press Up, Down, Left or right to do different moves. For example, Kara the first character i played i have her Default weapon and her Shock Enchantment, holding down the B button and pressing UP does a Lighting Strike attack, that if it hits your Opponent it will knock then down. While Down, Left and Right do other moves. Yeah it's pretty basic but can mess you up at the same time if your not Careful. You can pull off combos but the highest you can do is a 4 hit combo and pulling off a 4 hit combo is considered an Epic combo which i have yet to pull off. Remember the fighting is not deep like Tekken or King of fighters. Now you have the Ability in the match to do an Element Enchant that will infuse your weapon to do damage based on your Element you picked, so in this case for me my weapon turned all shock like and looked pretty damn cool. One cool thing that i did like that was kinda weird but at the same time, makes your change your gameplay up was the Matrix Camera move, when your Enemy hits your with a Strong attack which is done by Holding the L trigger button while pressing Y, X or A. The Camera will Rotate to the other side of the Enemy your fighting. So in other words every match you will start on the left side, and once your Enemy does a Strong Move you will be on the right but here is the cool thing that messed me up but quick to understand, was that my movement was reversed. So down was moving towards my enemy and Up was backing off. So it really changes up your play style. This also effects your Special moves as well. Keep that in mind. After each act once you beat your enemy, and by act i mean rounds. You will get these little Quick time events pop up, this will allow you to gain a little more health back while your enemy is getting back up, think of it like in Punch out if your press all your buttons fast to regain some health back. Lastly some arenas will have these arena quick time events that will happen during the battle. Example would be in one arena there is Frozen Dragon that is sleeping the background of the arena, well it will wake up mid way through the match, and a little ingame cut scene happens and you have a quick time event to dodge his Ice Breath. Annoying but still fun none the less. Oh sorry one more thing, make sure you master the Critical Block, it really comes in handy.

Overall Tournament Of Legends is not your packed Content retail fighting game but it still is a good little game. Online is not there but I'm glad it's not. Wifi sucks when it comes to lag. If you miss the old school fighting day's, then you are in for a treat. The game is not at all bad or broken, it will be Extremely overlooked but to me it will be a Gem that i can always go back to and play on Hard and try to master the Critical Block. Check it out or give a Rent

My Verdict

Buy it.