User Rating: 9.2 | Top Spin XBOX
Just picked the game up today and so far it's what I expected. Played both virtua tennis and mario as well. Since I am a player in real life, I had to pick this title up. The controls are really superb compared to the other titles. The only thing I'm having difficulty mastering are the drop and power shots, which are triggered by both trigger buttons. The gameplay is sweet. It is pretty realistic in gameplay. The only problem is the fact that you can trick the computer by pretending to move one way to hit the ball and then hit it in a different direction. The computer ends up looking like a retard going for a lob when it's just a straight shot. But considering how much I love tennis I let that one go. I love the different shot buttons. You can use a top spin, a slice, and a lob for some creative shots. It's highly realistic and has good depth. Fun game.