This game is bad for your health!

User Rating: 6 | Too Human X360
We play games for the fun factor, that 'wow' feeling when you discover a new location, lush graphics, spectacular new move but you get none of this. The daft decision to take away control of the camera from the player leaves you frustrated when you die because you cant see whats happening and to add insult to injury you then get a 20 second cutscense EVERY TIME you die that you cant skip.You will walk into an open battle arena to be swamped by enemies at close combat while at a distance behind you will be bombarded by long range homing bombs. There is no defense other than hitting the 'b' button to roll, which you cant do because you are surrounded. Its very linear game with plain, indistinct locations and enemies. The upgrade system is overly complicated and confusing. It's no fun and left me cursing the screen after every play.This game is simply not worth the stress.