Misunderstood ! its great.

User Rating: 9 | Too Human X360
this game is awesome, i've got ALL major budget titles for the xbox 360, but this game just took the crown.. i actually bought it thinking it would be a halo or gears of war FPS game (didnt really do much research on it)

at the beginning it looks like its a beat'm up game.. later ull realise its a Great action rpg game, people who dont like it problably take this game as a crappy action game, its like playing mass effect and then whining about it because its shooter elements arent like halo or gears.

seriously this game hasnt had me this excited about playing it over and over since diablo 2.
actually its alot like diablo2, u just cant stop playing it, u want to get better gear, higher level, level All classes.
when u buy this think of it as an RPG with action elements, but great ones it is.. if u see it just as an action game, the fighting might get repetive, its the rpg that makes this game great

just my 2 cents ;)