Too Human had some great concepts but unfortunately much of it was poorly executed.

User Rating: 7 | Too Human X360
No Question TH got a lot of attention last year, which was inevitable considering how long the game had been in development. Like most people my first experience with the game was the demo that was released last Summer, and like most people I wasn't overly impressed. However, it did intrigue me enough to get the game eventually, after it had a price drop. Here are my thoughts.

GAMEPLAY (6) What strikes players right off the bat is the fact that you attack with the right analog stick as opposed to a face button. This also keeps you from having camera control, which is not quite so bad after you get used to it but there are still times when you can't face in the direction you want, and that just shouldn't happen. As for the combat I think the developers had a good idea in using the stick because it enables you to rapidly slide from enemy to enemy, dealing out devastating hits that will send monsters flying. This gives you the opportunity to use the trigger for ranged attacks, which can be useful but overall is quite a bit weaker then melee. As the game goes on you will run into areas where you will face an overwhelming amount of enemies and the ability to rapidly move from one to the other does work better then manually moving while mashing a face button. The problem I had was that many times the sheer number of enemies meant there was no way I was going to survive the battle, especially when many of the enemies were from a far distance and constantly hitting me with ranged weapons while I was surrounded in melee combat. This results in a scene with a Valkyrie descending from the heavens and taking your lifeless body away from the action, but then returning you back to combat. The good thing is that w/e damage you did to the enemies will still exist, so eventually you will win the battles just through sheer attrition. The negative is that your armor and weapons will take damage every time you die, plus the whole scene with the Valkyrie takes about ten seconds, which can really add up after awhile. Also of note is that you can't carry healing items, you have to just hope that a defeated enemy might occasionally drop a healing orb. I will say that the game does have a lot of depth in that you can choose from five different warrior classes, each of which has their own advantages, including what types of weapons can be equipped. Speaking of weapons, there is an incredible amount of weapons and armor to be picked up from both fallen enemies and obelisks, each of which will change your character's appearance. In addition there is a pretty extensive skill tree that you assign your experience points to. So, while the loot collecting and skill tree were very good, and I enjoyed the rapid movement in combat, the many inevitable deaths and lack of camera control were issues that need to be addressed if they put out a sequel.

GRAPHICS (7) Another mixed bag here. Again, I loved the concept of creating worlds that were a mix of futuristic technology with Norse mythology, but at times the graphics seemed last-gen as backgrounds tended to lack textures and details. I admired using close-ups of characters, but at times the faces just weren't put together very well and came off looking too blocky.

AUDIO (8.0) Overall the audio was quite good. The background music during combat added adrenaline and the weapon sound effects were generally on target. There are stretches of extended conversations and I felt there were done professionally and believable.

STORY (8.0) I happened to enjoy the story of Too Human. I won't get into much detail other than you play as a futuristic Norse God, Baldur, where the God attributes come from cybernetic enhancements. No surprise in that you are battling against Loki but there are twists and betrayals. The game ended without most issues being resolved as this is obviously meant to have a sequel, and the story is interesting enough that I hope they do make the next game.

VALUE (7.0) I have to admit this game took me longer than it did for many others who apparently had a better grasp of the combat and were able to move through areas quicker and died a lot less. For me it took about 18 hours to finish this game while I've read of others taking 10-12 hours. Either way, not too bad for what is basically an action game with some RPG elements. The game does offer coop play, but interestingly enough coop takes out the story elements. You and your friend will just go from battle to battle without any of the cutscenes. Some may prefer this but for me the story was one of the hi-lights of the game so I don't think I'd be interested in coop.

SUMMARY (7.0) - I have a hard time recommending this to everyone. There are certainly people who will enjoy this, and there will also be those that will get frustrated with it's issues and give up. I'm glad I stuck with it because i really did get much more comfortable with the combat and I enjoyed the story. My hope is that they do in fact come out with a sequel, and for the second game give it a bit more polish that could push it from an OK game to a great game.