A Fantastic, Underrated, Underappreciated game!

User Rating: 9 | Tony Hawk Ride X360
Hello GameSpot, I'm ready for my review for a mixed reaction game Tony Hawk Ride, the tenth-installation by Activision and developed by Robomodo (formerly EA Chicago). This is great, there is a STEEP learning curve, but it rewards you when you finish. The graphics are good, the Create-A-Skater is deep and fun, and the level is visually appealing. Now let's start with the "skateboard peripheral", first of all it lags slightly and sometimes doesn't respond or gives you a different trick, but it is still a blast and it immerses you into the world of Ride and makes you feel like you are skateboarding. The party play is a blast and is convienient since you only need only one board to play. The soundtrack is great and fits in with the game perfectly, but you can't skip songs that you don't want to hear. The story is ok, the bad part is that it is only going challenge to challenge until you get to Tokyo. The conclusion seems wacky compared to other skating games. But the final level is fantastic and makes you want to skate it again. The replay value in this game is great, you can play it as much as you want and still unlock gear for your skater. What Robomodo needs to improve on is Soundtrack Editor for players and a better in-depth story but this is still a great Tony Hawk game and reminds you of the good ol' days. I have to say Robomodo did a fantastic job with Ride and I hope they make a sequel to this under-the-radar game.

+Good Graphics
+Deep Create-A-Skater
+Great Replay Value
+Good Peripheral
+Great Soundtrack
+Great Levels

-Bad Story
-No Soundtrack Editor
-Peripheral registers as a different trick or no trick sometimes.