Tony Hawk Rip Off

User Rating: 1 | Tony Hawk Ride X360
im an avid gamer. i was an avid skateboarder for several years in high school. therefore i'd assume to say im knowledgeable in both fields. i lost interest in the Tony Hawk series after part 4. Tony Hawk Ride sounds like in interesting concept in theory. use a flat skateboard to simulate real world tricks with ease in virtual reality. for those of you that remember "top skater" and "air trix", the foundation is the same, without the bars to hold onto.

one may wonder, why aren't there any reviews of Tony Hawk Ride on the entire net on launch day. i'll tell you why, cause TONY HAWK RIDE SUCKS!!!

this game doesn't suck in the normal way, it sucks in the unplayable way. the skateboard deck isn't usable.

activision didn't send out demos of this game to any reviewers. gamespot, IGN, and Giant Bomb had to buy theres for $120. observe the obvious, when a company does't want its game reviewed it shows. theres a reason activision didn't want Tony Hawk Ride reviewed. because they wouldn't be able to rob as many people of $120. activision, robomondo, and tony hawk are thief's!

somewhere down the production line everyone involved had to know it didn't work. activision game testers knew, robomondo developers knew, and tony hawk himself knew. none of them cared to halt production or scrap the project. they released a broken product. a broken plastic skateboard. they pocked $120 for a defective product.

i thought i could trust tony hawk. i thought the bird man wouldn't betray me. hes betrayed the world with this product. tony hawk scammed me!!!

this game had to be made and released as proof to future generations that plastic skateboards and video games don't mix. Tony Hawk Ride was a lesson for civilization, and a highway robbery from tony hawk.