Robomodo single handedly ruined the entire Tony Hawk Franchise.

User Rating: 1 | Tony Hawk Ride X360
I am a die hard Tony Hawk video game fan. But sadly after playing this game i don't want to ever play another tony hawk game.I never played a game that is terrible at all aspects of the game. I believe that robomodo should shut down now because they destroyed the franchise. Tony hawk games were fantastic up until thaw,then it just went downhill from that. It's sad that a die hard fan like me would say this game sucks,but it does.I hate activision for letting robomodo make this game, the graphics suck,the entire presentation is horrible,physics are wayyyy off. I thought i would have never have come to saying this but I am done with Tony Hawk games the franchise is ruined and there is no way of making it better. Now skate owns tony hawk in every possible aspect.I bought THP8 and it sucked so i said they will get it better next time THPG came out sucked even more. I said they will probably get it right with TH Ride but i was wrong. Robomodo i hope you guys fail because you crushed a lot of peoples dreams with this game. I wish i could give a game lower than a 1 then if i could id give it a 0.3 out of 10. How could they do this to the tony hawk franchise