Its not the best in the Tiger Woods series, but the dramatic changes in the gameplay work for the better in every way.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 PS3
In the category of Golf Sims, there isnt much variety, you have Tiger Woods and Hot shots golf, and even in essence Hot shots is cartoony while Tiger gives you the most dramatic and realistic feel to golf. Of course we all knwo Tiger cheated, but while he was cheating, the fellas over at EA sports did an amazing job at his newwest Golf sim. Tiger Woods 10 is easily one of the best in series, and the new dramtic changes to the core gameplay work for the better, which in most games cases, doesnt. The putting has changed drasticly and I must say its a lot better and easier. The driving and other mechanics havent changed to much, but enough to where die hard fans will notice.

The gameplay is a lot better than all the others and has drasticaly changed from all of the other TW games. The golf swing in the game is a lot better from others but the fact you have to be dead on, in a swing straight back and then forward swing. You can still power hit the ball by making the middle of the ball red and swinging hard. Also the power spin is back while youre hitting the ball. The most major change in gameplay, has to be the putting. The game no longer gives you how far left or right you need to move the cursor and you must now do everything on your own, this feeling of self-playing makes you feel free and like only you are playing. The gameplay has changed, and definatly for the better.

Now lets get this out of the way, I almost rated this a 9, yes a 9. But the reason it is now a 7.5 is for the reason of the game being ridicoulously glicthy. First when youre on a level, for example on a hill, and you swing you usually need to go a club up to reach over the higher level. Well in TW10, it goes farther than you want, not exact, its almost like there was no hill you had to go over. Another example being when it rains, okay when its raining that doesnt mean rain is made of liquid metal not water. When you play in the Rain in TW10 i guess there trying to give you a challenge. They make playing in the rain incredibly hard, when you swing the ball goes 1/3 the distance it normally would, that just doesnt happen, waaaaay unrealistic, that just makes you feel like youre not on earth. Also the game will constantly freeze on you once playing for more than an hour and a half. This game is extremely glitchy so make sure youre aware of that.

All the original modes from the other games are back. Skins, stroke, and all those other cool stuff. This game is great in PGA tour season and you will constantly be hooked playing all the awesoome tournaments. Altough the only set back is being the level system being horrible. The more you play the bette you get, sounds cool, but its not. Its almost like they want you to play everyday just to level up good enough. This level system is annoying and only fun if you have a good amount of patients.

From a graphical perspective this game looks decent, altough sometime gold courses look watereddown and half finished. Other than that chracater models looks amazing and when its sunny out it shines the best.

All in all this game is fun, and it eventually grows on you more and more to wear youll be in your 5th year on the Tour season mode.