Stick with it and it is worth it.

User Rating: 8 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 PS3
I dont mind Tiger Woods. It is not as much fun as everyones golf world tour, and it is still unbelievably easy to put in bizzarly long puts. However what does get my goat is when the latest version gets worse. I know EA reguarly makes games less functional but prettier this game assumes I live in the USA, in fact it seems to offer USGA rules through the entire tournament so we can all know the rules of American Golf (including @st Andrews). Additionally we are now pestered by advertising that cant be switched off, in fact before I had done anything at all in the game I pressed L1 and it was asking me for 5.99 for another course (I just paid 40 for the game gimme a break!). As well as continually pestering me to buy new courses and subscribe to golfing magazines at the top of the screen. This may well be the last tiger woods I buy if EA dont get their finger out and allow me to switch off the intrusive advertising and switch off the results from the NBA, NFL, NHL and a host of american sports which I don't care about.

This is all makes it worse the TW9, what a great first impression it makes!

Update : Having spend a few more hours on this now it appears there are more serious problems with this game. The traditional meter control seems unusable, while it occasionally jumped in TW9, EA have resolved this by making it jump all the time. Therefore it appears unusable all the time rather than causing you to drop the occasional shot due to frame loss. Additionally in the few courses I have played the Analogue swing has now inherited the stutter so the new improved putter will also throw frames causing you to miss any none straight put (occasionally). So imo you are going to have to learn the anologue controls and just put up with the occasional dropped shot, because on the PS3 at least it would appear the 3 click meter is a thing of the past.

How the EA developers can look themselves in the mirror in the morning when they are unable to get the cell processor on the PS3 to run a smooth gauge is beyond belief.
Update 2 : For those of you that play the online version, it would appear that the EA Servers may be struggling to cope with the volume, because finally I had a evening without Advertising been thrust down my throat, at the cost of all online activity which involved the EA Servers not working.

Which brings up a delicate balance you can not connect to the internet which removes all the Nagging about buying new courses and subscribing to golf mags and the like, also what used to be the ESPN Ticker switches off (so no more NFL, NHL, NBL etc but also no FA) so mostly good news, but you lose the GamerNet challenges....It is a close thing, is the occasional reward for a long drive worth being an EA Advertising receptacle in the B-C1 target demographic?
Update 3 : Ok, so not I have spent over 100 hours I have to say it does grow on you. The original American world view and continual begging for money along with an inability to use the 3 click system did make this game difficult to like. But once you are into it, it does seem have a lot going for it. The analogue controls do grow on you, and the on-line mode is considerably improved. The new putting is challenging, but not impossible and the courses are different enough to offer some new challenges from TW9. The graphics however are dissapointing, but then the PS3 has continued to disappoint,
Update 4 : I have to say that despite the American world view, you do get used to not looking at the advertising (it is possible EA have altered the "flashing" nature of it, whatever I dont find it so annoying now). Also the game is changing EA continue to release new features and leagues on line that allow the game to evolve. Additionally the online play is very challenging this year, played 18 holes last night finished -17 and outside the top 200 (there a trophies for finishing in the top25 which appears to be a score of around -25). EA are struggling as the user base is so big there are many online users exploiting defects to score these insane scores. I also took a look at one of the new online tour pro leagues, played the first hole to see I needed a score of -80 (about 6 hours after it was released, 4 rounds of -20 in high wind) decided to give it a miss ;) That said there is a lot to be said for the online side of TW10 which is greatly improved over TW09. Also recent updates seem to have almost completely dealt with frameloss on the analogue swing and precision putter, so I must say the score keeps climbing the longer I play it.