If you ever like any adventure games, you would enjoy this one

User Rating: 10 | The Longest Journey PC

This is easily one of the best adventure games ever made. Here is the strength of this game, big story, interesting and funny conversation, exotic world setup, not so easy but meaningful puzzles and reasonably good 3d graphics and animations. I first played the demo, and back then not a lot of adventure games had demos, but I was caught by the game instantly and decided to buy the game when it releases. And at that time, game is very expensive for some kid from China, it cost me 300 Yuan, it was the biggest investment in years.

The game started by an old grama telling a story to kids at the fire. Who is the protagonist of the game and back then. She was absolutely a normal girl except the whole story is set up in the future where it looks that 1986 finally come true. The whole society is controlled by some military government. There is this weird old attractive guy. When you are just wandering around the city and doing trivial quest, the mysterious world Stark kicks in and April has to begin her longest journey all on her own.