I used to be the falling-for-action-and-gore type of gamer, never cared for adventure games... but then came TLJ!

User Rating: 10 | The Longest Journey PC
I've never written a rev in my life, and probably I won't bother writing one again for a long time, but this game is something that's worth the while.

I'll try to give this as simple and as short as I can:
I play shooters and action RPGs most of the time, but I've always stayed open for all kind of new experiences. I'd tried adventure games as well, but I always ended up by the same statements: "boring, frustrating, unreasonable..." I always became stuck after a few minutes, and the solutions from the walkthroughs seemed just so ridiculously easy, it made me freak out and leave it all just be, and get back to ol' good instant FPS butchering.

I ran into TLJ by accident. I quickly figured it was not something I'd consider an ordinary adventure game. (OK, the first impression was: "OMG, that's some being-able-to-count-the-polygons kinda graphs!" But believe me, that's something u gonna forget about in no time...) The base story made me need to go on, I couldn't fight my curiosity about the rest of the plot. And I was shocked that I don't have to spoil half of the puzzles from guides, 'cuz I can figure them out on my own! I wouldn't say they were easy, but more like reasonable. After a long while, somewhere in the back of my mind I started to feeling sleepy, now I really should go and get some sleep, but it was too late: I realized I fell in love with the tale of April, my attitude to adventure games was changed forever...

That's why I recommend this great piece of art for anyone who cares for a great story, 'cuz no matter what genres he/she prefers, I'm absolutely sure that TLJ's gonna suck everybody in! The beautiful background images, the idea of two totally the opposite of each other worlds (Stark, a cyber-punk-like sci-fi environment; and Arcadia, the ancient realm of magic and knowledge) and the complex personalities with so expressive synchron voices - it all makes a gaming experience of a lifetime.

It sure did for me!