Best of all time on vc

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64
have been a loyal Zelda fan since 2003, when I got the GCN w/Zelda Collector's Edition for Christmas this year. Before that, I didnt really understand the Zelda franchise. My best friend would bring Majora's Mask over every day, and we would play it. I didnt seem to grasp the point of the game. But now I do. I guess you just have to actually play the game yourself to experience that feeling. Its incredible.

Anyways, Zelda:OoT for VC. Most of you reading this probably already own OoT, whether it being for N64, GCN, or maybe a combination of the 2. And you might be wondering if you should get this game. Why spend 10 dollars if you already have it, correct? Well, I too have OoT, for both N64 and GCN. The VC version offers a lot of improvements in my opinion, such as:

1) Controls: You can basically use either the gamecube controller or the newer classic controller. It really doesnt matter. I guess for you GCN gamers, the classic controller would be a new zelda experience. Overall, the controls are much more comfortable and it works out good.

2) Graphics: The graphics have been updated on the VC version. By updated, I dont mean that they possess the graphics of the Wii, but rather they are sharpened. By using a higher resolution an having 480p support, you can tell a significant difference in this game when comparing it to its predecessors. It looks amazing.

3) Saving: For GCN Zelda gamers, this is heaven to you. There is no memory card required, and since it is basically a DIRECT port from the N64, you can simply hit save, and it does it instantly, instead of a "SAVING...DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER" screen. Also, the Wii's VC allows you to save the state, so that you will be at that exact spot the next time you play it. That's probably the biggest pro of the VC version.

Overall, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for VC is amazing. It has nearly perfect emulation, besides the lack of rumble support, which is not a big deal. For you hardcore zelda gamers, its up to you. Its much more convenient than having to put a disc in and go through all of that, but maybe you feel that its not worth 10 dollars if you already have it, and I respect that. For newcomers, DOWNLOAD IT. You dont know what you are missing out on. This game was voted Game of the Year, and is STILL highly talked about today. I'm sure you can sacrifice 10 dollars. In my opinion, thats a sweep for this game.