Ocarina of Time has managed to devide the gaming history into Pre-Zelda and After-Zelda erras!!

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64
Well what can we say about this game!! That is has changed the game industry so much that if a gamer has not played it he really isn't a true gamer? Or should we say that it has had such an impact in all of us and raised the standards so high that it may be imposible for any other game to reach it!!? Whatever we say is still not enough to describe this game and the feelings, the rush, the excitement that has given to many!!
So the game starts with a legend that is passed down by the Royal Family of Hyrule!! Thousants of years ago 3 godesses created the world!! Din the goddess of Power, Nayuru the goddess of Wisdom, and Farore the goddess of courage! Once they finished with creating the world they left behind a sacred relic called the Triforce which is a Triangle made by 3 smaller triangles!! The triangle of Power, of Wisdom and Courage !!!That relic had inside the powers of the 3 goddesses and it had been said that if a man with a good heart and obtains it the land will flourish and peace will prevail and if a man with an evil heart obtains it then the land will be turned into a land of monsters and desperation!
But the legend also sais that if a man of evil ever gets its hands on it the relic will be devided in three and he will only get the triangle that express him the most!! The other 2 triangles will go and be given to 2 persons in the world that deserve them the most!!
At the begining we are transfered to the land of Hyrule where many different rases co-exist in harmony under the rule of the King of Hyrule who lives in the Hyrule castle!! The other rases are:
The Gorons that live on top of the Death Mountain and they are big powerfull creatures that like fire and eat rocks!! Their leader is Darunia who tries to take care of his people the best way he can!! They are peacefull and they believe in brothership strongly!!
The Zorans that live in the Zoran's Domain which can be located behind the great falls and they are creatures of the water!! Their leader is King Zoran and their princess is Princess Ruto, daughter of the King! They believe in their God, Lord Jabu-Jabu who is a giant fish!!
The Kokiris who only live in the Kokiri forest!! The people of this rase never grow up and always stay as kids!! Therefore they are forbiden to leave the Kokiri Forest due to the fact that they will die outside of it!! Once a Kokiri is borned his gurdian fairy comes and stays with him forever!! Their leader is the Great Decu Tree who is in fact a giant tree!!
The Gerudo Thieves who live in the desert !! This rase has only women but every 100 years a male is borned and he is destined to be the leader of the rase!!
And last are the Hylians that dissapeared durring the great war before the King of Hyrule brought peace to the land!! They used to live at Lake Hylia where you can see some ruins of their civilisation!!
Link lives as a child in the Kokiri Forest but he is despised by some of the other Kokiris because he has no fairy; a fact which from the first minute make you wonder!!
The evil in the game is Ganondorf and he is the leader of the Gerudo tribe of the Desert!! He has powerfull magical abilities and he wants to obtain the Triforce so that he becomes the King of Evil and rule the world! But in order to do that he needs the 4 Keys that will open the Door of Time in the Temple of Time where the legends say the Triforce is located!!! The four keys are the 3 Sacred Stones entrusted to the 3 tribes, the Gorons, the Zorans and the Kokiris and the last key is Ocarina of Time thas is kept safe by the Royal Family!!
Graphicaly the game was innovating at his time and still is!! Great fighting sequense and great camera angles that never leaves the player thinking "where am i.." The view of the Hyrule Field is outstanding so does all the other locations!! The villages and the cities are so detailed that you will love them and just wish you were Link so that you could walk in those streets!! Every place in the game is different than any other and comes with a music theme to go with it!! The Lon Lon Ranch, the Zoran Domain, The Hyrule Field, the Desert, Kakariko Village and so on...!!
The game also has the element of time!! Once you travel in the Hyrule Field you will see the Sunrise and Sundown with such a detailed graphics that you will catch your self many times just turning Link towards to it and just sit on your chair and watch it!! But time plays an even more vital role in the story!! There will be times when you will have to wait for 1 or 2 days to pass until you are able to continue your story!!
As for the sounds in the game all i can say is..........amazing!!!! The sound during the day is so natural and real; the birds,the river flowing,the wild life..etc!! During the night there is no song theme, just the silence, the owls, the wind and the wolfs!! Everything is so detailed!! The sword of Link , Link's reactions, the Theme songs of every location!!
But sound also has another part in the game beside what you have read so far! Link is able to play songs with his Ocarina which are songs with magical powers!! Some can trasport you to far away places and some can manipulate the sun or the rain!!
As for the gameplay, Ocarina Of Time has one of the best!! Link can move wherever he likes just like any other 3D game but when he "lock on " an enemy he always face the enemy with the ability to walk left and right, or jumb on him for a sword blow or even jumb backwards!! Link in the game only jumps when he needs to and he does it automaticaly!! Using the yellow buttons you can adjust the camera so that you can see everything around you!!
Overall The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a masterpiece with no flaws!!! The game has this ability to suck you in and make you a part of the game!! You become one with Link and take everything in the game in a personal way making you enjoy it more that you could imagine!! Not many games do that and you will not seemany in the future either!!
If you havent Ocarina of Time yet, then you must consider yourself and incomplete gamer. Buy this game, play it, enjoy it and be complete!

~Link_Soul~ Leader of the Zelda Alliance Union