Fantastic....... No questions asked.

User Rating: 10 | The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64
When Nintendo first released Ocarina of Time, they thought, "oh theres another good game", what they didn't realise until later on was that it was one of their most popular masterpieces of all time.
Fantastic game, loved by millions over the world.

I have played both OoT's the one on GC and the one on N64 and for anyone who questions them there are three differences and that is all:

1. The controls are different (odviously)
2.Graphics have been slightly improved (NOT a big difference)
3.The sound effects on some parts of the game are different (again NOT a big difference).

Both games play exactly the same and in my opinion they are both fantastic and like a book when you pick it up you wont be able to put it down (that is until you put it into your GC to play). :D

Those who dare say it is overrated or could not find the enjoyment of it, can not see true legends of games when they're staring them in the face.

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Thanks and have fun gaming.