The only big problem this game has is its eternal comparation to Ocarina Of Time

User Rating: 9.6 | Zelda no Densetsu: Majora no Kamen (w/Memory Pack) N64
Ocarina of Time is, for more than 50% of the gamers, the best game ever, and trying to achieve such an amazing mark once again, Nintendo released Majora's Mask, 2 years after OOT, while most of the fans were expecting for a sequel with the same characteristics of the prior game, Nintendo came up with something darker and with a different storyline, even Hyrule is gone, now you will be at Termina. For some people it was a big shock and an awful game, but for many others a Zelda game couldn't look better.

The storyline is just perfect, it is even better than the one in Ocarina Of Time. In this game Link, the hero of time, is riding Epona in a forest looking for somebody, when all of a sudden two fairies attack him, he falls and faints, when he comes to, a strange-looking guy has stolen his ocarina, and when you try to get him he runs away with your horse, but Link manages to hold tight to Epona and follow the thief, after it, you enter a cave and he uses the power of a Mask to transform you into a Deku. After some trouble, you discover that this guy is using the Mask's Power to pull the Moon to the earth and you have three days to solve your problems before the world ends.

So, you have to defeat this guy (Skull Kid) to finish your adventure. Besides the items you find in OOT, you will also be able to use Masks, each one with a special power, that can be found when you complete lots of different side quests during the game.

This three-day-adventure isn't much of a problem, as you will be able to use your ocarina every time you get near the end of the world, to go back to the dawn of the first day.

Although it doesn't bring much trouble, time plays a special role at the game. Some events will only happen in a certain time of a certain day, that can be pretty frustrating because once you miss something, or a mask, you will need to wait until it happens again. This time influence, can also be boring because you will always be in a rush to get to a save point, so you won't have much time to explore Termina, and exploring in a Zelda game is quite nice.

Graphically the game is just perfect, one of the best in this field in N64, the expansion pack improved the already awesome Zelda graphics. The dark and scary atmosphere of the game can be felt easily because of such great graphics and colors.

Unfortunately the sound isn't as good as the graphics, some songs are really repetitive and the characters should have their own voices like in other N64 games also in some dungeons you will not even notice a background theme. But during some parts, specially in the night, and near the end of the final day, the sound helps a lot to keeps a creepy and scary atmosphere.

The Gameplay presents some problems, the camera sometimes fails to capture the action and can be really annoying during battles even the lock system can get complicated to use sometimes, specially when you are fighting lots of enemies.

Value is awesome, you will always play this game over and over again, there are so muck tasks to complete, places to explore and masks to get that you will be lost sometimes. Besides that is impossible not to want to beat all dungeons and puzzles one more time.

Majora's Mask loses to Ocarina specially when it comes to length, this game has only 4 dungeons, all of them are short, but not easy, of course you will spend a long time trying to find the masks, but even with all these extras, it just isn't a long game but fortunately it is as hard as all other Zelda games.

I know most people have already played this game, and own it, but if you are a new Zelda fan and only started playing videogames few time ago, just get this game, you will love it and enjoy every single minute you spend in front of your TV. Recommended to every Zelda fan.