User Rating: 10 | Zelda no Densetsu: Majora no Kamen (w/Memory Pack) N64
Ok, first off, when I first played this gamefor the first time, I beated it, not with 100%. I beated it with few masks, and few sidequests done. Now, although the story of this game is great, what makes it AWESOME are the sidequests. Most of the sidequests in this game consist in getting masks. Although there also sidequests for getting pieces of heart, items, etc. General: Well, this game is actually great. You know when you get a new game, youre all like "Wow, this game MUST be awesome, man, I want to play it!!!!". Well, when you beat Majora´s, youll say something like that, only that it´ll be more like "Wow, this game IS great, man, I want to play it AGAIN". Gameplay: The gameplay of thing game is PERFECT. Its simple, cool, and entertaining. It isnt comlicated AT ALL. Plus, not only do you have new items , you also get what makes this game THE BEST, the masks. I´ll explain the masks in detail later. Graphics: Majora´s Mask graphics, well, now a days, the graphics of the game are good, but no so much, while in the time the game was released, the graphics were almost 100% perfect.

Music: Music, ohh, music, the ONE fact that video games could not exist without, and Majora´s Mask is not an exeption. The music of this game is one of the things that makes this game so good, as happens in any Zelda game. Sidequests: The sidequests of this game are AWESOME, they are mostly of what the game consists of. Without this sidequests, you wouldnt be able to complete the game. Why? For some parts, you are required to have some masks, and to get the masks, you need to complete sidequests. For example; to get past the "Well", for getting the Mirror Shield, you´ll need to TALK, yes, talk, to mummies, popularly known as Re-deads. Normally, when you approach these guy, they will jump onto you and start sucking on your blood, BUT, if you have the "Gibdo Mask", youll be able to talk to them, and get past them.

Last but not least: Masks: The masks, THATS what makes this game AWESOME. There are two diferent types of masks, which include, the normal ones: Gibdo, what makes you talk to the Re-Dead, the Circus´Leader Mask, which lets you enter into the Milk Bar on East Clock Town, the Mask of Scents, lets you smell things you normally cant see, and more. The second type of masks, the transformation masks, allow Link to tranform into diferent "stages", there is the "Deku Mask", allowing Link to transform into a Deku, the "Goron Mask", for Goron, the "Zora Mask", for a zora, and the LAST and most powerful mask, which you are only able to get it by collecting all of the 24 normal masks, it is the "Fierce Deity Mask", which allows Link to transform into "Oni-Link", letting you become a super powerful warrior, filled with the power of evil. Well, the game is AWESOME, I totally recomend it to ANYONE.

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Thank You.