14 mins...i beat the game in 14 mins......

User Rating: 6.7 | The House of the Dead III XBOX
now i loved house of the dead 2 on the dreamcast, and picked this up the moment i saw it, because this has gotten to be quit a rare game these days so when i got home i was expecting a long slug through the undead and types fo bugs and varied collossal boss fights.

theres only 4 boss fights, ONLY FOUR?!?!

the game was incredibly easy and on the hardest setting only used two continues, theres no figure out the weakness moments or picking alternate routes during gameplay it pauses to let you choose were you go and theres very little to unlock.

that said after finishing it for the first time (with 240000 points and an S rank in 14 minutes) you unlock the far superior house of the dead 2, which is worth the cost of the game alone so i suggest getting this if you wanna bring back those dreamcast memories or yor.