You will find yourself completely bored after you beat the game.

User Rating: 6.5 | The House of the Dead III XBOX
I think this game is fun for a rental with a lightgun for about a couple of days.After that this game is some what boring.Although once you beat it you get to unlock part two which is pretty addition. The game only takes about an hour or less to beat so If you want a game that lasts long and you can come back and play it everyday this game is not for you. If i were to reccommend this game to somebody I would reccommend it to someone that does not like a long storyline and will want a game that will only take a hour or so. So I would not want anyone to buy it but if you like first person shooters and want to play the arcade game House of the DEad at home go right ahead and buy it. Any one who doesn't care for the series that much I wuold tell you to rent it first.