If you have a light-gun and a compatible TV, BUY THIS GAME. But even if you don't, there's still a lot of fun to be had.

User Rating: 8.5 | The House of the Dead III XBOX
-Graphics are nice, if a bit gory in HOTD3; in HOTD2, they have a retro feel that we all can appreciate
-House of the Dead 2 is included
-The entirety of the game works well with the light gun
-Co-op is definitely worth a look

-Weak story and voice acting
-Some bosses (especially in House of the Dead 2) are just about impossible
-There is replayability in both games, but some may feel that the games are too short, even in the multiple runs required to beat everything in a game
-Music has its ups and downs in HOTD3

Hosue of the Dead 3 is, quite simply, one of the best home light-gun games ever released. Oh, you want to know why. Here is why I think so.
The games themselves are universally fun, and both sets of graphics can be appreciated in their own separate ways. in HOTD3, the graphics are crisp, and give the game a creepy ambience. In HOTD2, the graphics aren't as clear, but like in the original Alone in the Dark, still convey the desired effect.
The big draw for me was co-op. As Adam Sessler said about Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, "Co-op is a great first date opportunity." I personally do not own the game; it belongs to one of my good friends.This is why I loved co-op so much; that feeling of killing zombies with a buddy (or your soon-to-have-broken-up-with-you girlfriend), that sense of teamwork, really appealed to me.
Another big draw for me was light-gun compatibility. On a compatible TV, we both had no problems. COMPATIBLE, if you didn't see it the first time. The aiming worked well, and we had fun mowing down those pesky living dead.
So, after you've beaten everything in both games, what's left to do? Here is where the game's biggest problem lies; there is nothing. After every path has been explored, and you've tried the boss rush and shooting challenges in HOTD2, there really isn't anything left to do. Mind you, I still enjoyed playing the games over again, but some may not.
Also, some may not like the graphics in HOTD2. They induced nostalgia for me, but for others, they may induce nausea. Besides the rough-around-the-edges feel, the games also feature a lot of gore. THIS GAME IS NOT FOR THE FEINT OF HEART. The zombies in the game can range from disgusting to flat-out nightmare causing beasts, the ones Stephen King makes books about. Gore can be turned off, which does remedy this problem, but note that the default setting is "on".
Really, my only problems were in the story, voice acting and music, and perhaps Sega was going for that effect. I will NEVER stop repeating "We're meeting G over there." to the point of my friend beating me up. The story also is nonsensical; something about a strange virus, nothing new. But the worst, for me, was the music in HOTD3. It can be great at times, and downright ear-piercing at times. These problems aren't anywhere near enough to make me not recommend this game, but are definitely worth noting. My final complaint is really more of a gripe; some of the bosses in both games (especially in HOTD2) are extremely hard to beat. Luckily, these are usually at the ends of the games, so it's possible to play almost to the end of a game and not run into too much trouble in difficulty. I may also just be a wimp, but talk to me about pain after you beat Magician.
House of the Dead 3 is a great game. If you can get past the lackluster story and voice acting, some bad music, and that feeling of not having enough content, you're in for a treat. House of the Dead 3 gets an 8.5/10. See Ya!