Good fun.

User Rating: 9 | The House of the Dead III XBOX
House of the Dead 3 was originally an arcade turned Xbox game, and it is quite fun.

Plot: 4/10-Zombies........virus.........who cares?

Gameplay: 9/10-Do you remember this game from arcades? Just like it. It is a rail shooter so not much freedom but you can choose where you want to go at times. While the game has a horror theme, it isn't scary, but it sure is fun. There is something so fascinating about blowing zombies away and it really saves the game because if it didn't have the kind of zombie carnage it does it might not have been as good as it is. Need help with it? There is a co-op mode for fun with a friend. The game even has the full version of House of the Dead 2 when you beat it.

Controls: 10/10-While playing on an Xbox controller it is pretty fun and has good controls but you can buy a light gun. Awesome, I know. The light gun is fun to use and works great with this game. Just like at the arcades.

Graphics: 6/10-Not very pretty but not bad all together either. Zombies and characters look pretty decent. The gore effects look terrible to say the least and mediocre at the most. Basically not Xbox caliber but not bad. Almost identical to the arcades.

Difficulty: 8/10-While most of the time it wasn't that hard I did find some challenging parts such as bosses and such.

Overall: 9/10-While not an elite game by any means, House of the Dead 3 is a very fun title. Blasting zombies away for hours is extremely fun and it is impossible to find anywhere else except the arcade. For the ultimate arcade experience, get the light gun, a friend if you wish, and blast away. P.S. It also has House of the Dead 2 once you finish story mode so it has more for you to play.

ESRB: M for Mature
Blood and Gore-Tons of it. Blood and limbs fly throughout the game. Heck, when some zombies die they melt into this bleeding, squishy mush. There are options though to turn the blood red, green, or turn off the gore all together so if you have kids that want to play it that has to be a considerable factor.
Violence-Blasting zombies to pieces with shotguns. Arcade rail shooter violence.
ESRB recommended age: 17+
My recommended age: 17+ with blood on, 12+ with it off