User Rating: 8.6 | The House of the Dead III XBOX
House of the Dead hits up the xbox with a couple of light guns and takes you for a HECK of a ride. People who generally say "light gun games stink" are generally the ones who never played them or where never really lucky enough to appreciate them in an arcade...or are your best freinds annoying 12 year old brother who plays Halo 2 all day and clains its the greatest video game ever made and has never heard of RPG's.

House of the Dead 3's probrably the longest of the House of the Deads and arguably the most exiting. The game carts you around through 5 crazy levels with each level having its own diffrent kinds of enemies and monsters, all very diffrent from the others and having its own boss! with the final boss being the toughest in House of the Deads history.

Graphicly wise, for a VERY early Xbox game the graphics in this game hold their way all the way...well to the bank, very well detailed and the levels look the best out of it all. Sound effects? what else sounds cooler than four or five zombies commin' around the corner moaning and then you bust them all down with a blazing shotgun.

over all House of the Dead 3 MAY BE JUST A LIGHT GUN GAME! but for anyone looking for GENERAL gaming FUN. Its about 7$ right now and an extra few bucks, pick up your light guns and enjoy the game on the weekends with your buds! its tons of arcading fun.