Takes time to Shine! A heck of a workout as well.

User Rating: 8 | The Fight: Lights Out PS3
This game feels bad, at first. Probably the reason why it does not review well.

You need to train and and raise your skills in game or you will not be effective. As you gain skill, you start hitting better and harder. Stick with it and you'll be satisfied.

Graphics are solid, but mostly black and white mainly to set the mood. Bad rap music can be turned off and you can play your own custom music.

Its a cardio workout. You will sweat, be sore and be tired after. Make sure to stretch before you play, limber up and loosen up your arms.

Beginner Tips:

Put points into technique - Helps your punches connect. Most important stat early on.

Aim for the body. It is alot easier to connect then the head. Uppercuts to the body work well.

If you injury your opponent attack that same area, it is like double damage.