This game is immense!

User Rating: 9 | The Fight: Lights Out PS3
This game is incredible! My only complaint is that I my arms are too sore to play it every day.

It is immense fun and a tremendous workout. The calorie counter suggests that I'm burning off about 400 calories per hour - i.e it's about as efficient as the gym but loads cheaper and infinitely more enjoyable. The only problem is that my shoulders and back are too sore to play it more than every second day. It seems absurd, but warming up and training for a playstation game has become a reality now.

I can't help but think this is the most underrated game on the gamespot website. "5.0" ???? I suspect the reviewer's distaste was related to his/her under-utilised guns and general gaming induced inertia. Calibration takes less than 2 seconds and isn't really an interruption. There's many ways to customise your character and upgrade him to be a total machine. The moves are varied and superb to see, though some of the special moves are hard to pull off. There's not much of a plot, but who ever gave an arse about that?

Last night I went online against a 17 year old American dork and after dancing around him for a few minutes with my character perfectly mimicking John Travolta on Saturday night fever... I punched him really hard in the face. Technology that offers me this opportunity is a gift from the lord