Definitely one of the best Adventure games in the last years.

User Rating: 9 | The Book of Unwritten Tales PC
The Book Of Unwritten Tales is an amazing game.

The story is very well done and keeps you going and interested all the time till the end although the end let you with a bitter taste, I think is the only "bad" thing in the game.

Voice acting is just fantastic, you meet a lot of characters through out the game and every one of them is perform better than the other, the dialogs are even better, funny but not too much and there are lot of references to games, movies etc just great.

The puzzles are well done, just logical puzzles sometimes very easy others not too much but never impossible, finally a game that doesn't use a jigsaw puzzle!!!!!!

The music is great too.

I haven't played and enjoyed a game like this since maybe grim fandango.

And its like 15 to 16 hours long so nothing short here just hours of fun =)