A gem these days !

User Rating: 9.5 | The Book of Unwritten Tales PC
Hello everyone ! I hope i got your attention with my review title because this is a title that nor the younger or older game lovers should miss .
I have recently played and finish this amazing adventure game ! I must say that is the best feeling i had in years since the monkey island type of game . With all those boring and profit oriented games is really hard to find a game like this . The puzzles are just right and very funny , also the story-line is well thought and you cannot notice the passion that the developers put in it .The game captures your interest with a unique mix of fun, adventure, fantasy and storytelling.
I had many moments that i have found myself laughing as playing the game.
So , as a gamer since `97 ,who played almost all the releases up to this year , i definitely recommend this title who steps out from the crowd !