This game is one of the reasons why games should become one of the arts!

User Rating: 10 | The Book of Unwritten Tales PC
I can't remember last time I was so much cheered up while playing a video game. This year I played many of the classical hits like Max Payne 3, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim etc. and I had a huge lot of fun with them, but this game was something much more.

It sucked mi in so deeply within it's wonderful fairy-taelish story, magical world, quirky, funny and ridiculously enjoying moments.

Story circles around four amazing characters, little adorable gnome Wilbur (created so impressively, much better then hateful WoW gnomes), sexy elf Ivo, narcissoid human Nate and his funny companion Critter. They are accidentaly mixed together in legendary adventure set in war torn land.

Game has a lot of charm and has amazingly strong effect on people of all ages, and that's the effect we used to feel when we were kids and fed up with fairy tales which are so lame to adult's standard.

It also has perfect satirical touch of humor and a lot of references on fantasy oriented games, movies, books and usual life.

Trust me, you can hate adventures and you can hate fantasy, but you can never hate this wonderful experience that this game can offer. This is not an indie game, this is art worth praying.