Will make you wish you could hit the long ball

User Rating: 10 | The Bigs 2 PS3
As a person whose more interested in street hopes and street soccer, when i first played this i was really surprised at what it it brought to the table. Gamespot got it right with their score, and theres nothing like smacking a few homers in an opposing teams home field. I particularly enjoy the 'big heat' 'big hit' and 'big slam' pwoer ups that come up. Almost exactly similar to the gamebreakers in all those nba, nfl, and fifa street games.

Probably the most in depth arcade baseball game to come out. Lots of good pitching and batting mechanics... the legendary cathes add a lot of flair, and the in game mini games add a ton of excitement. My friends and i have losts our voices screaming at each other over a mssed dugout catch, or a missed legendary catch. and in season mode, with the minigames that help influence a trade, players can trade almost obscure no name players for some of the games best players. Imagine a starting pitching rotation of chris carpenter, carlos zambrano, and tiny tim lincecum. nightmare anyone?

another hilarious thing about the game is the ' hit the batter' option. I've never laughed so hard watching a batter collapse after being hit with a baseball.