Never seen any like this before!

User Rating: 9 | The Bigs 2 PS3
This is the first time that I really pay attention to a baseball game, 'cause this is phenomenal game is one of the most well built game ever. Everything in him are great, the graphics, the reality of the inside and outside of the game, the movs' of the players and others that I can't remember. There's is just one thing that I really don't like, the producers putted much ball effect in the game. I can confess that I would never expect a quality like this in a baseball game but...I was wrong. The reality of things like the crowd or even the stadium it's very important in nowadays as we know, and this game has every quality possible in this game.

But lets not go to far, 'cause this is just an opinion from a person that has never played this game, so it's just based in videos and reviews that were on sites like Gamespot or Youtube. But I hope that I had the right opinion about this game.

Congratulations to the producers