This game is always played in home run derby mode!

User Rating: 9 | The Bigs 2 PS3
Baseball games, it's either you love them .... or you hate them, but not when it comes to the Bigs series. The Bigs 2 is definitely a whole lot of love, even for those who hate baseball games. I, myself, have a hard time even playing baseball games even though I am a huge fan of the sport, and is the only sport I play. This game tones it down with all the mental thinking needed in other games, it doesn't mean that it's a dumb downed version of baseball, it just means you don't need to think a lot in order to have a good time. So, lets dive into this with some turbo boost while stealing second base!

I honestly love the way the stadiums look in this game, they seem to be exact replica's of each teams actually stadium, which is always a plus. Majority of rip off baseball games make up their own stadiums for each, but not the Bigs! I do find that some of the character models look like what their suppose to look like. Roy Halladay looks like himself, where as Alex Rio's looks stupid. Sometimes, I wish they didn't show the players because some of them don't look like anything their suppose too. Ah well, nothing wrong with that I guess. The animations are awesome though, especially doing legendary grabs! Smashing into the catcher when trying to make it home! and when the pitcher gets smokes with a hard hit to the body/face! Awesome! The colors and lighting are amazing in the homerun derby pinball mode, there are lights flashing and colors everywhere with no lag problems at all.

There is definitely a lot of options for players to play with. So, I will start with hitting, it's basic, you use your left analog to try and guess where the ball is when batting. If you want to contact hit only, hit X, if you want a power swing, press O, and if you want to bunt, use Square (but I haven't used this once). Like most baseball games, when you are fielding you use the O for first, triangle for second etc... it's that basic. The main point to the game is point! You want to get points by getting hits, strikeouts, legendary catches etc... with this, it increases your power bar, and when it's full you can so a Big hit! With this, you need just to make a little contact to hit a home run. Awesome, but if you wait a bit more and get more points, you an acquire a Smash Hit, which is good for games when you are down. What happens is, you have 4 batters, if you hit the ball with the first 3, you will get the bases loaded, and with the fourth hit a homerun, which we all know is a grandslam! For those who like replay value, there are several options for you with mini games, Become a Legend, where you create your own player to become a legend, which is honestly extremely fun compared to other mlb games out there. You can pick your own team and have the ability to steal players from other teams. I wont spoil it for you so I will stop. There is also online play with others and it is trophy enabled!

The fastballs sound awesome, the hits sound huge, and the commentators are annoying, sounds like a typical baseball or sports game. They do have a good list of bands on the game, but I am not a fan of POD and others. But it's good energizing music for people out there.

I was quite impressed by the Bigs 2 because I usually get bored of baseball games and right now, it's nice to play a game that doesn't make you think much. It's my break away from FF13. Also, baseball season has just started, so it helps me get into the mode of playing and watching baseball! Awesome! So if you were unsure about this game, I think personally, that you should go get and and join me in some intense online baseball matches or homerun derby baseball.

Happy Gaming!