The Not So Amazing Spiderman 2

User Rating: 4 | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS4


The game sets itself slightly apart from the film by having different elements to develop its story, sadly the story is very rushed, they have an over abundance of villains and this in turn doesn't allow the story to establish any of these characters and by the time you have first seen the character you have already defeated them and they are never seen or heard from again - I was shocked that Carnage, Green Goblin & Black Cat got less time than Rhino did in the movie - The Story is weak and close to non existent and I never cared for any of the characters.


They have updated the Web swinging so you control a different hand with each trigger which is a good idea, unfortunately the execution of this hasn't been fully developed, you are constantly battling with the camera to see where you are going and more often than not find your view blocked by a building, the camera is the biggest enemy here and the indoor segments are very let down because of this. The combat system has borrowed heavily from the Arkham Series but is not as smooth and flowing as the Batman games, nor does it have the varied moves on offer from the caped crusader. The game has a very basic tacked on morality system that rarely punishes you for not helping with its copy and paste side missions and you will eventually just ignore it. The difficultly of the game is also an issue, with the game on the hardest difficultly I didn't die or fail once or get any genuine challenge and completing a final boss without taking any damage due to all boss fights being identical is just ludicrous


The game is a cut and past from The Amazing Spiderman which was on PS3 and was poor graphics for the PS3 when you consider that The Last of Us is PS3 - The game is an embarrassment for graphics on PS4 and just feels like it was created with no real enthusiasm


Doesn't have any of the movies voice actors and the Voice acting is poor, Spidey just has no emotion and it sounds quickly put together - Other characters are just rushed and poor and not a scratch on previous games nor Animated Series


You can complete the main story in around 4 hours, You can extend this by web swinging, Stopping Crimes and collecting comic books to unlock comics in game but with the gameplay as poor as it is you will be unlikely to do so

Final Thought:

The Amazing Spiderman 2 is a game you wish had all the fun of Batman but yet again Beenox have delivered a sub par rushed game that will leave a bitter taste when the credits finally role - Rent the game if you must play spiderman but don't expect to enjoy the experience