One of the more difficult versions of Tetris around, and also quite simply, one of the best.

User Rating: 7.8 | Tetris 2 SNES
Who doesn't love Tetris? No matter who you are, I think you've had to have played Tetris about a zillion times. And as we all know, their are about a zillion different forms of Tetris out there. But Tetris 2 will always be one of my faves.

It's a bit different from standard Tetris affair. This time, you have to match the colours of the falling blocks to make them dissapear. It makes for a more challenging affair, but it's still a blast to play. There are three modes to Tetris 2: Normal, Puzzle, and Multi-Player. The normal mode is what you'd expect, try to clear all of the blocks and win the game. You never really find yourself getting tired of it, and it's great to try to beat your old scores. Puzzle mode features using only a selected type and number of blocks to clear everything on the screen. You'll find yourself playing this one least of all. And of course, Mulitplayer is really where it's at. It's incredibly fun, and easily accessesible, because everybody loves a game of Tetris.

The graphics are really bizzare and fun. The backgrounds to all of the levels feature strange things like a plate of fries next to a dinasour. They can't be explained and their all odd. Tetris 2 is full of odd things like this, such as your points in multiplayer are represented by how many fish are swimming in your side of the screen. The sound isn't very good, but it doesn't really matter. You get a choice before the level of a select number of songs, and their all simple tunes. Some are a little catchy, but overall their not that great.

The replay value of Tetris will always reign supreme, which is the number one reason to buy this game. It's also just a fun trip down memory lane, and even though it's not the Tetris everyone's familiar with, you'll still have a blast playing Tetris 2.