Not the Tetris game I thought it was. :(

User Rating: 2 | Tetris 2 SNES
I bought this game at a local record store call Endless Records for $2 dollars. When I got home, I was pretty excited to play it since Tetris is a rocking game.

Graphics: 6/10 - Even for a SNES game the graphics are pretty lame.

Story: 1/10 - Tetris doesn't need a story and there is no story in this game which is a good thing.

Gameplay: 3/10 - To me, if the game has Tetris in the title, it should be Tetris. But what you get here is a game the isn't. The game modes I have played are total crap. From what I can tell, you have to connect 3 of the same colored squares in a row and they disappear. That isn't Tetris. Seems the only way to beat the level is to clear all of the glowing blocks. A total bore.

I tried the other game mode: Puzzle. That was also a total bore. You have one piece and have to solve a puzzle with it. Still a total bore.

When I started to play it, I realized this isn't Tetris. Sure, it has some of the well known shapes and gameplay elements of Tetris, but it isn't

Sounds: 4/10 - Nothing bid here.

Innovation: 3/10 - I can't remember the name of the company that made this game, but kudos for messing with the Tetris formula. That is like messing with the Coca-Cola formula (I don't drink soda btw.) Some people might like the change, but I don't.

Controls: 5/10 - Not too much use for a lot of buttons in this game. Not to say the controls are bad.

Overall: 4/10 - Yeah, some people might like the different way to play this classic game. Not me. If they included the original way to play the game, that would have been okay, but they didn't. That is probably why I don't like this game that much.

Rent, Buy, or Avoid - Avoid. Seems like other people like this game, but not me. I like the original Tetris, but this was crap. I only keep it since I collect video games.