fun puzzle game worth playing if your a fan of tetris series

User Rating: 10 | Tetris 2 SNES
this game hmmm well its alrigth game im a fan of tetris this gameplay isn't like orinigal they threw in some other challages like normal game the puzzles on this game r diffrent then the orinigal tetris game normal game is the same as any other puzzle games on the snes clear off all puzzle blockes off do that u advance to the next stage next game is called the puzzle game the challages is to clear all puzzle in the felid the way is like playing tetris attack when u have to clear all puzzles on th felid only u have a limit chose the wrong place to switch & u failed & have to start all over again just like this is the samething i never play the 2player game never got to it i just play both the 1player games other then that this is a pretty good game i recommend it if your looking for a fun puzzle game pick this one