Who ever thought that dropping blocks on to each other could be so much fun!

User Rating: 9.4 | Tetris 2 SNES
This game has to be one of the most fun games for the SNES. Sure, it is just putting blocks together but that is still fun. The object of the game (in the main game) is to get rid of all the blocks on the screen (They look different than the blocks that drop down). There are three different colored blocks to get rid of. Although that may seem hard to do since you are actually dropping blocks onto the screen, it can be done in three moves (sometimes). The screen is filled with blocks that you have to navigate your way through to get to the bottom blocks, the ones that are shining. If you get rid of one of the shining blocks you get rid of all of that color of block. Once you get rid of all the different colored blocks by getting rid of the ones below, all the ones you also brought down disappear and you advance to the next level. Very simple and easy in the early levels but sometimes very hard in the later levels since the whole screen can be stuffed with blocks. You can also get stuck easily but accidentaly blocking ways to get down forcing you to make different ways. Three colors of the same block together in a row will make them disappear (sorry I didn't say that sooner). There is also a puzzle mode. You will have to get rid of all the blocks on the screen by using a number of blocks and dropping them on strategic places so that they make the blocks on the bottom disappear so all the others will disappear. There are tons of levels of this puzzle mode, about a 100. They are well thought out too and can take you a time and cursing to get through. Multiplayer mode is also included. Playing with a person is the most fun but you have the option to play the computer with three difficulty levels. You both have to rush to get rid of all the blocks on the screen. Getting rid of the bottom shining block will not get rid of them all. You have to combine colors to get rid of all the blocks at the start. This can be a lot of fun especially with someone who is as good as you. And if they are not then you can give someone more or less blocks than yourself. Graphics aren't that great but hey, this is Tetris. How great do the graphics need to be for Tetris. Nothing wrong with the graphics, no special effects but nothing that screams stop looking at me or your eyes will die. Everything simply looks nice. Sound... is bad. Blocks and stuff coming together are okay to hear but that is pretty much it. Their are about 8 different songs you can listen to (4 in main mode and 4 in multiplayer). They are all terrible songs and you might as well just turn the sound off and listen to the radio. This game is a fun game that should last you while. If you beat puzzle mode and main mode you can always play multiplayer mode which is always a lot of fun.