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User Rating: 8 | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game NES
I loved the TMNT show when I was growing up and I loved the arcade game because I could use my beloved ninja turtle characters and see the cameo appearances of all the other characters.

You'll start off this game by having to rescue April from the channel 6 building that is on fire and you feel a real sense of urgency as the tall building is on flames and it will show you a scene of the 4 TMNT's going to save her,but each player selects 1 of the TMNT characters and they will need to fight past many foot soldiers(who wear a variety of different colors like on the TV show) and fight past those robots that shock you and when you find April,Rocksteady(a character from the show) shows up and he looks much tougher and meaner than in the show and it turned out to be an epic boss battle,because Rocksteady shoots his gun around the room and is very strong,and you'll need to use strategy to beat him,and when you think you've finally saved April,the Shredder grabs her and leaps through a window and escapes with her.

Then you'll have to travel through the Manhattan streets,sewers and city in search of April.

The game is the typical arcade hack n slash/beat em up style game,however,there's a problem with the game's difficulty,because it only gives you 3 credits to beat the game and you can't add more credits and most of the enemies you'll encounter will inflict some damage on you before you take them out.

Obviously the NES version won't look as good at the arcade version,but I think the NES version still looks great for a NES game.The 4 turtle characters,enemies,bosses and environments look quite reminiscent of the TV show.

The music has the catchy tunes from the TV show,and the music is quite good for a NES game.

It was a fun game for it's time.